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Young Galaxy – Shapeshifting

After two albums of more conventional dream pop, Young Galaxy decided to try something new. And so they recorded what would become “Shapeshifting” and then handed the whole thing over to Dan Lissvik (half of the Swedish duo Studio and producer of Fever Ray and Kylie Minogue among others) with the permission to do with it as he saw fit.

The dreamy aspects that characterized Young Galaxy are still very much present but things sound decidely more electronic this time around. I’m not sure how much of an influence Lissvik had on the songs but whatever the case may be, “Shapeshifting” turned out to be a great album that sounds like The Knife getting it on with Kate Bush or the Eurythmics. It’s synth-pop at its best and it more than lives up to its title… it’s laid-back and nostalgic yet distant. It sounds organic yet comes with a lot of electronic sounds. It has a strong eighties vibe yet sounds very modern at the same time. And the dual vocals add only more layers to the continious shapeshifting of this album.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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