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The Brokedowns – Species Bender

Following up 2007’s “New Brains For Everybody”, The Brokedowns are back with a new album called “Species Bender”. Still sounding not all that different from Dillinger Four or Off With Their Heads with a Fucked Up vibe, these Chicago natives burn through thirteen songs in just twenty-six minutes.

Never one to hide their frustrations, these guys vent it all on here. The lyrical matter seems to deal mostly with the media and all the celebrity worshipping that people can’t seem to get enough off, but there’s room for a couple more annoyances to be dragged out in the light by melodic guitars and gruff vocals.

If you’re into the sweet, sweet sounds of Midwestern punkrock or if you like men with beards, you should definitely check this out. Hell, even if you just like the woolly mammoth on the cover, you should pick up your copy of “Species Bender”. Any reason you can think of is valid here!
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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