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Summer Hours – Alone Together

Formerly known as La Pieta, New York City’s Summer Hours recently dropped their first full-length. I think the name change was a good idea… none of the images that La Pieta might trigger have much to do with the band’s tunes. No, Summer Hours sums it up way better. Mellow indie pop songs that float by at a pleasant pace like a good summer day.

The songs on “Alone Together” are pretty much your basic indie pop songs. It’s not like you’re going to hear anything you haven’t heard before. But the songs have a nice flow and come with some rather fetching hooks. And then there’s Rachel Dannefer’s voice which definitely helps lift things to another level. It’s kinda like listening to a cross of Belly and Pavement. Or just think of the all-girl action… uh, out fit that was Plumtree.

I’m not sure they’re already realizing their full potential. A couple of the songs on here could be a lot better. Or could’ve been left out entirely. But if “Alone Together” is a sign of things to come, then we’re definitely in for something good further down the road.
Score: 7 out of 10

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