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The Draytones – Up In My Head

Here’s another band that rips off from The Beatles and The Kinks. Then again, if you’re going to steal, it’s always better to steal from the best. And The Dratyones play their songs with so much enthousiasm, that you can’t really hold anything against them.

Whether you’re looking for a slow one to smooch on with your girlfriend (“On The Way”) which is then again followed by a surfsong called “Don’t Talk To Me”, these guys have got it all for sale on “Up In My Head”. “Summer’s Arrived” is another cute song that thrives on a Hammond organ. And it just keeps on going all the way up until “Flowers On The Bridge” proving that you don’t need an original sound to make an okay album that fans of acts like The Rascals will like.
Score: 6 out of 10

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