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Fake Problems – It’s Great To Be Alive

I completely missed out on Fake Problems’ debut album but had already picked up their name here and there. On their Side One Dummy debut I’m hearing a lot of Against Me (“Your’re A Serpent, You’re A She-Snake” could’ve come right off of “New Wave”) but Fake Problems likes to throw some other shit in the mix as well. How about some cabaret? Sure, go for it! Or how about some folkrock? Hell yeah!
More is less is something these guys might or might not live by in their private lives. But when it comes to their songs, they are definitely not using this old adagium as the rule. Rich and busy arrangements full of twists and surprises are the norm, rather than the exception making “It’s Great To Be Alive” an album that sounds like the missing link between Against Me and Gogol Bordello.
Score: 7 out of 10

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