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Mondo Generator - Cocaine Rodeo

Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age’s Nick Oliveri started this band in 1997 but it took him until 2000 to finally release “Cocaine Rodeo” due to his fulltime commitments to QOTSA. He recorded it with all of his friends and the track “Simple Exploding Man” even features all of the original Kyuss members playing together again. This was possible only because of Oliveri inviting his friends to the studio one by one without telling them who else was playing on the album.

For some reason (lack of a new album?), the debut album is now being re-released with a bonus live CD. It’s a nice treat for everyone who’s into stoner meets metal meets punk. Especially the abovementioned track which goes on for eleven and a half minutes is kickass with Oliveri exorcizing some demons surrounded by wildly pounding drums and relentless riffage. Most of the other cuts are kept short but will definitely get you pumped up… just like cocaine is supposed to do.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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