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The Story Changes / Let Go – Analogies (split)

Everybody knows Let Go, right? Or at the very least the bands they were in before… Pollen and The Stereo? Well, apparently these guys know the guys in a band called The Story Changes well and so they decided to record a split together with Let Go vocalist/guitarist Jamie Woolford (Punchline, The Gin Blossoms) producing the whole thing and contributing vocals to The Story Changes’ songs. And to make things even more of a mash-up, both bands alternate songs throughout the album. Is that still even considered a split or just more of a collaborative effort?

Ah, who cares as long as it results in catchy rock songs like “Move Forward” or “Feel Alive”! Both of which are by the hands of The Story Changes. But it’s not as if Let Go’s contributions are any less. “The Great Mistake” starts off as a catchy song before some weird synth sounds kick in and push the song into new and welcome territory. And I have to say that their cover of Tom Petty’s “You Got Lucky” was the cherry on top of an already extremely fun release.
Score: 8 out of 10

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