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Benton Falls – Ashes And Lies

2003’s “Guilt Beats Hate” was the last I heard of Benton Falls. They were a pretty cool emo band that just stopped writing good music. Until now that is. Well, not really… “Ashes And Lies” is a ‘new’ album that features five previously unreleased songs along with a cover of “Angel Of Hiatus” with the help of labelmates Clair De Lune.

If you were into Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate and American Football, you’re gonna want to hear this. Especially when it’s dark outside and you’re at home alone. Maybe with just a slight bit of rain outside. Anyway, with songs like “Tell Him” and “These Lies” it once again becomes painfully clear how much this band is missed. Let’s hope that this release is the precursor of something else?
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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