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Aiden - Disguises

- By Jan

Aggressive, loud, offensive & punk as f@*!k, a seething, slavering beast of an album. Well, that is what the sticker on the jewel case claimed.

When I started playing the record, iTunes crashed within the first two minutes. I am not a superstitious man, but I don't think that was just a coincidence since it happened again the second time I tried.

The guys (well, you know what I mean) in Aiden aren't bad musicians and melodically speaking, Disguises actually sounds nice every now and again. Enter the lyrics and the act to fuck it all up. (Take that, stupid sticker, at least I can write fuck in full if I want to!)

So let’s see how the description on the sticker matches up with what one hears while listening:
- Aggressive: the singer’s sad and angry, the drums are fast-paced, so yeah, maybe ‘aggressive’ could cover it, although I’d go with ‘mad’.
- Loud: that really just depends on how much you turn up the volume, like with every other record. If you don’t mind being ridiculed, then yes, you can play it loudly.
- Offensive: chances are very real you will be offended while listening to Disguises playing loudly, at least by those who catch you doing it.
- Punk as f@*!k: not punk at all, so I spent fifteen minutes coming up with other English words that start with an f and end with a k. Apart from ‘folk’ I failed to think of any. I did however find a town in Wisconsin called Francis Creek and the British molecular biologist Francis Crick. Both don’t seem punk at all, so maybe that’s what they meant. But in that case, why not write it in full? Why trick people into buying an album they think is going to be punk as fuck?

If someone’d ask me to redesign the sticker on the album, it’d be something like this:
Melodramatic, sad, embarrassing & gay as f@*!k, ideally listened to while reading Twilight books.
Score: 3 out of 10

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