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Close To Home – Never Back Down

- by Thomas

Ohio isn’t exactly close to home for me but it is for this outfit. On “Never Back Down” Close To Home combine pop-punk and hardcore in a way that has already been done countless times before. Which on its own isn’t a bad thing at all.. let’s face it… punkrock and hardcore all kinda sounds alike. But it is a bit of a shame when other bands in the same genre as you have not only done it before you, but better at it as well.

A Day To Remember is what Close To Home sound like most of all… maybe the involvement of former ADTR guitarist Tom Denney had something to do with that… and well, A Day To Remember already wasn’t that great to begin with if you ask me. Think clean-sung choruses, brutal vocals during the verses with plenty of breakdowns in between. Good effort but I’ll take Set Your Goals over these guys every time.
Score: 5.5 out of 10

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