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Haste The Day- Attack Of The Wolf King

- by Thomas

If you ask a bunch of Haste The Day fans, 2008’s “Dreamer” was a rather disappointing album. Listening to the new album, it seems the guys took their fans’ opinion to heart and now come out swinging on “Attack Of The Wolf King”, which by the way is a very metal-sounding title if there ever was one!

Anyway, the more experimental and melodic side of Haste The Day that we got to know on “Dreamer” is still present, but they brought back the heavy crunch of their earlier work. The result is one of the more diverse and accomplished metalcore albums I’ve heard in quite some time. Sure, it’s been beaten to death by now but if you still haven’t given up on the genre, then “Attack Of The Wolf King” is an album worth listening to with some nice riffage, nasty screams and clean vocals that for once don’t annoy.
Score: 7 out of 10

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