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The Breakers – S/T

- by Thomas

The Danish rockers that make up The Breakers have a new self-titled album out, their third already. Little Steven Van Zandt saw good things in them and not only signed them to his label but also produced the whole thing and even co-wrote a couple of the songs. Interested what that sounds like? I was.

While they’re not doing anything new with (just following the sticker here) a Stax-like rhythm section, Stones-y guitars and a vocalist who sounds like a dead ringer for a younger Rod Stewart, these guys have all the right ingredients to write some tasty songs. And they do. From stompers like opener “Start The Show” to more soulful ballads like “Union Street”, The Breakers have all the bases covered. And while they are pretty good at what they do, they do still very much remain a retro band that lacks that special something the originals had.
Score: 6 out of 10

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