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Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread

- by Thomas

Ty Segall (or Eric Bauer as his parent know him) already made something of an impression with last year’s “Melted”. Instead of resting on his laurels, the man is already back with a new album called “Goodbye Bread”. Gone are the uptempo rockers of “Melted” (except for “California Commercial” which still comes with a strong Sonics vibe), please say hello to Beatlesque harmonies and T. Rex comparisons. Oh, and the Black Keys are never that far away either.

While still maintaining the sloppiness that seems to be a must with lo-fi recordings, this is a guy who knows very well where he’s going. Songs like “” and “” are pretty friggin’ good. Unfortunately there is also a way lesser song on here for every good one. That’s because Mr. Segall likes to lose himself in psychedelical experiments from time to time that only lead to failure.

“Goodbye Bread” is a good album but not one that will bring him into the spotlights. To really stand out, he should lose the experimenting streak on his next album. Which will probably come out in a couple of months?
Score: 6 out of 10

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