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Kingston Falls – Armada On Mercury

I feel kinda bad for Kingston Falls. I mean, if they would’ve released “Armada On Mercury” a couple of years ago, it would’ve probably been a huge hit. But we’ve been hit over the head with so many albums from bands in the same state of mind, that it’s next to impossible to still impress with a mix of pummeling drums and sugary choruses. Even though they are doing a pretty solid job on “Armada On Mercury”. No idea where the album title comes from but their mix of metal and radiorock is pretty damn cool.

There’s tons of other bands that are doing the dual guitar attack and all that but they don’t have a singer as versatile as Nathan Lambright Dale. Whether that guy is doing the whole death metal thing or singing with clean voice, it’s always impressive.

Kingston Falls sure has made some progress compared to 2006’s “Crescendo Of Sirens” but if they dig even deeper I’m fairly convinced they can come up with a truly awesome album. In the meantime I’ll make sure to pop this one in the stereo from time to time!
Score: 7 out of 10

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