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Ron Franklin – S/T

When Ron Franklin isn’t busy firing off dirty blues riffs at you (“Dark Night, Cold Ground”) while hollering over them, he’s showing us his more gentle side with Dylanesque acoustic songs that are equally compelling (“Do Not Wait ‘Til I Am Laid ‘Neath The Clay”). This singer/songwriter that calls Memphis home even though he’s hardly ever there, isn’t doing anything new but he’s doing an amazing job at writing honest, hearfelt music while paying tribute to all the greats that went before him. And while a songwriter being influenced by Dylan isn’t exactly a novelty, it’s the combination with the Delta blues that did me in. Just give “The Elocutionist” - where Franklin throws distorted slide guitar licks and a mouth organ together - a listen and consider yourself a fan from then on.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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