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Blood Orange – Coastal Grooves

Dev Hynes is not only the man behind Lightspeed Champion (and a consultant for Jay Z’s Rocawear), he now only has a solo album out under the Blood Orange moniker.

“Coastal Grooves” comes with a ton of thumping bass lines, arpeggios whirling around and more 80ies nostalgia than you can shake a stick at. Apparently the guy was trying to write songs ‘that could be sung by a drag queen’ and listening to “Sutphin Boulevard” it’s not hard to imagine a guy in high heels strutting down the street. “Can We Go Inside Now” on the other hand sounds like Chris Isaak at its darkest and closing track “Champagne Coast” is as close as you can get to a Prince tribute without actually ripping off from the guy.

I’m not entirely won over but this is nevertheless a solid Thursday night album… you know, the kind that is best played when it’s dark outside but it won’t get you all pumped up to go out and jumpstart your weekend.
Score: 7 out of 10

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