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Unsane – Wreck

When Unsane lashes out with yet another album, you know what to expect by now. And that’s once again no different on “Wreck”, the band’s latest. Bassist Dave Curran and drummer Vincent Signorelli manage to make your stomach lurch by using sheer force. All the while Chris Spencer is unleashing hell with überheavy blues, all the while completely shredding his larynx with his manic howls.

Opener “Rat” hits you like an uppercut to the chin. At least “Decay” comes with a hint of melody but that’s before “No Chance” kicks in and drags you back to hell with a harmonica as your sole companion.

You won’t find any surprises on here because let’s be honest here… every Unsane album sounds the same. But stagnation rarely sounded this good and they manage to keep rattling your fillings as you work your way down the tracklisting, right down to the cover of Flipper’s “Ha Ha Ha”.
Score: 8 out of 10

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