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John Doe – Keeper

There are two John Does… there’s the one who was on the forefront of the LA punk scene with his band X and then there’s the solo artist who wouldn’t look out of place in some honky tonk shack in Alabama. Supported by a couple of excellent musicians (Howe Gelb, Steve Berlin, Patti Griffin, Doug Pettibone,…), Doe works his way through a dozen Americana/rootsrock tunes on his latest album, “Keeper”.

The good man’s punk days are only revisited here in the lyrics with plenty of relationships going bad alongside a bunch of social issues that need to be addressed. The result is like listening to an album made by a bunch of professionals (which they are) who forgot to pour their soul into it. The fact that Doe isn’t the greatest singer out there doesn’t exactly help things along. So basically you end up with an album that’s neither here nor there… it just is.
Score: 6 out of 10

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