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Billy Talent – III

Billy Talent is back for another round and they do it with pretty much the same album as the last one. But I have to say that this pony is pretty good at its one trick.

With the help of Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers), things sound better than ever before. Ian D’Sa’s riffs are even more present than in the past and Kowalewicz’ still sings as if his balls are permanently in the wringer. From opener “Devil On My Shoulder” over “The Dead Can’t Testify” and up until “Definition Of Destiny”, it’s all pretty damn good.

It’s hard to pick any favorites because everything’s kinda similar… I mean if you’ve heard one song by Billy Talent, you’ve pretty much heard them all. But like I said before, it’s a good song. If you’re into melodic rock, you’re gonna like this album. It would be nice though to hear something at least a little bit different on the next album.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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