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No Truce & Crucified split

No Truce and Crucified are two California hardcore bands that have teamed up for this split, which has been released on Escapist Records a while back.

First up is No Truce who hit you over the head with three songs of crunchy metallic hardcore. They know how to set the pace and don’t mind throwing in a couple of nasty breakdowns to maximize damage in the pit. I liked what I heard here… unfortunately these guys seem to have broken up recently. Head over to their MySpace page to download their full-length for free if you’re curious to hear more.

Crucified is up next with four more cuts with pretty much the same take on metallic hardcore as No Truce. Their vocalist has more of a sneer and they like to pitch in some more mid-tempo parts but make no mistake, they’re still as hardhitting as No Truce.

Pretty good stuff if you’re into acts such as All Out War or Ringworm with very nice artwork.
Score: 7 out of 10

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