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Memphis May Fire – Sleepwalking

This full-length should’ve arrived a lot sooner but as this Texas outfit headed for the studio, their vocalist decided it would be a good time to leave the band. And so the search began for a new screamer. After turning over some rocks and seeing what crawled from under it, they stumbled over Matt Mullins, who went to work with all of the already completed songs.

Whereas these dudes were sold as Southern rock meets screamo on their debut EP, this time around it’s just screamo with just a hint of Southern rock thrown in almost as an afterthought. It’s all very formulaic but they do an okay job I guess. It’s a vast improvement over their EP and at least they’re not simply rehashing what everyone else in the scene is doing. Kudos for that.

If you want to pick up on more Southern rock vibes, pick up Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster’s new album instead. “Sleepwalking” is more fit for the fans of Every Time I Die.
Score: 6 out of 10

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