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Our Lady Peace – Burn Burn

Canada’s Our Lady Peace have been around for quite some time and “Burn Burn” is already their seventh album. This time around no Bob Rock in the producing chair. Instead vocalist Raine Maida fiddled with the knobs himself. “Burn Burn” also marks the band’s first album that they released without the help of a record company, opting to release it through longtime management Coalition Entertainment instead.

Unfortunately their sound hasn’t changed since they set sail for a more mainstream course with 2002’s “Gravity”. And that’s no different this time around. This makes “Burn Burn” another middle-of-the-road affair. Most of the band’s quirkier moments that you could find all over their previous albums, have disappeared a long time ago and instead you get ten alternative rock songs that are radio-friendly enough yet lack the hooks necessary to lift them above mediocrity.
Score: 6 out of 10
Coalition Entertainment

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