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Over Stars And Gutters – Consider This Your Curse

“Consider This Your Curse” may look like an emo album and while the word ‘stars’ in the band name doesn’t exactly help either, Over Stars And Gutters are in fact not another skinny jeans band with awkward haircuts and crappy songs. Instead these Oklahoma punks tear a way through the ten songs on their full-length debut with an urgency that you just don’t hear often enough.

As soon as one anthem after the other starts pouring out of your speakers, you can just as quick pick up on this band’s influences. Hot Water Music, Dillinger Four, Lawrence Arms,… It’s all present and accounted for. So they are not doing anything new but fuck it! As long as they keep on writing honest and sincere melodic punkrock tunes that bleed passion like these ones here, I’m all for it. Someone please sign these guys!
Score: 7.5 out of 10
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