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Shang-A-Lang – Collection

Simply titled “Collection”, this release boasts a whopping 22 songs by New Mexico’s Shang-A-Lang. It’s all of the band’s out-of-print material you can ask for with a couple of additional rare songs nicely pressed on one shiny disc. Or maybe you didn’t ask for it but you’ll get it anyway.

Shang-A-Lang came to life when hardcore band The Answer Lies called it a day and vocalist Chris Mason went looking for a new musical project. That ended up being something you could call garage-y poppunk. It’s a lot of fun and reminded me of early Lookout stuff… lo on fi, high on energy. Or you can compare them to the fellow New Mexicans that made up Scared Of Chaka as well if you want to.

Whatever you end up comparing them to, there’s no denying the effectiveness of it all. It’s releases like “Collection” that prove independent punkrock is doing just fine thank you very much.

Oh yeah, the album comes with liner notes about all of the songs and artwork comes courtesy of Mitch Clem, the author of the webcomic “Nothing Nice To Say”.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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