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Breton – Other People’s Problems

Breton is a London-based art collective that started out making music by producing live soundtracks to their movies. Being children of the modern age, these guys’ influences are all over the place, something that becomes obvious right from the start in opener “Pacemaker”. With a hiphop beat dropped over a nice classical violin arrangement and distorted vocals. Think of Foals or Bloc Party collaborating with some big-time electronic music producers. They repeat the same formula on the other songs on “Other People’s Problems”… juggling with rhythms, mashing up different genres and a multitude of references.

This leads to exciting results such as in the abovementioned “Pacemaker”, “Edward The Confessor” or “Wood And Plastic” with its mathy rock vibe, string arrangements and Afro guitar. Or have a listen to album closer “The Commission” which comes awfully close to Burial’s world. Cuts like “Interference” and “Oxides” however stop this from being a solid album all around. I think they’re keeping that one for the next round… it’s definitely there though!
Score: 7 out of 10

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