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Lambchop – Mr. M

Music has always been a great way to express feelings and Kurt Wagner has always been a man with a lot to express. He might not have experienced quite as much misery as Eels’ E (there are limits) but he’s cutting a close second. So when his friend Vic Chesnutt committed suicide, Wagner started writing to get through it and ended up with a new album called “Mr M”. It lets us hear more of Lambchop’s particular mix of country and soul that will get you all choked up.

In spite of the abundance of strings that are present on this album, things never get bombastic. Instead “Mr M” is a restrained and intimate album with songs that slowly float up to the skies. Just listen to “2n2”, “Gone Tomorrow” or “Betty’s Overture” and try to keep things dry.
Score: 8.5 out of 10

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