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The Hangmen – East Of Western

When The Hangmen first started out 25+ years ago, they were lumped in with the LA hair metal scene and marketed as such by Capitol Records when they released the band’s self-titled full-length. The Hangmen however like their punky, twangy rock n roll more than their major label deal and subsequently got dropped. Seeing as history has a tendency to repeat itself, the same happened with Geffen. After that many bands would’ve called it a day but not so with vocalist/guitarist Bryan Small who continued to crank out tunes up to today.

Joined by ex-Supersuckers guitarist Ron Heathman, The Hangmen are now dropping album number six, “East Of Western”. Expect to hear both grimy rockers and heartfelt ballads with Small’s trademark sneer over it while he’s talking about love and crime. Opener “Homesick Blues” immediately sets the place on fire with cuts like “Graverobbers” and “Railroad Man” finishing the job. The country influence is the strongest in song like “Betrayed” and the slowly smouldering “Haunted”. Oh, and that cover of Modern Lovers’ “She Cracked” is a nice touch as well. 25 Years into it these guys have done everything but cracked!
Score: 7 out of 10

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