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Cheap Time – Wallpaper Music

The Nashville rockers that make up Cheap Time are back for another round. “Wallpaper Music” is full of the kind of glammed up garage-y, punky powerpop that’s just plain fun to listen to. It sounds like it was recorded in a tin can and vocalist Jeffrey Novak sounds as bored as ever while still suffering from the same cold, but the riffs in songs like opener “More Cigarettes” and “Hall Of Mirrors” are good and that retarded flute in “Take It If You Want It” makes the song even better… so who cares?

I could’ve done without the psychedelic sidesteps that are “Underneath The Fruit Flies” and “Dream It Up”, but if Cheap Time lays off the shrooms, they play some pretty decent tunes.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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