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A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen/Silent Front split

On their first UK tour A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen played a couple of shows with the post-punks that make up Silent Front. They got on well and decided to do a split together… whoopty doo!

ACKIAHK is Paul Lamont (Hitch), Craig Ward (dEUS, The Love Substitute and about a million other bands) and Bootsie Butsenzeller (DAAU, Dóttir Slonza) and they get to do one song here that they stretched out for what feels like forever. Sure, these guys can play and they stretch the boundaries of conventional genres. But that’s about as nice as I can wax about them because honestly, this is the kind of self-indulgent wanking that sounds like the musical equivalent of the world’s most boring blowjob scene ever in Vincent Gallo’s “Brown Bunny”.

Silent Front is up next with two songs (“Tactic A” and “Plunder”) and luckily make life a little more interesting but equally bleak. It’s like listening to Fugazi with a little Melvins thrown in for good measure… loud, awkward and unrelenting are words that come to mind. Maybe I should check out their previously released full-length “Dead Lake” which does not have A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen to fuck things up for them.
Score: 5 out of 10

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