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Maps & Atlases – And Be Grateful

Anyone who has heard Maps & Atlases’ debut “Perks Patchwork” from two years ago, knows that these guys can write a decent tune. That album was filled with mathy indierock that was both intelligent and accessible.

On “And Be Grateful” however they sound pretty damn annoying with the vocals at the end of opener “Old & Gray” as a first standout. Whiny as fuck is a good way to put it. “Fever” is up next and is a pretty good song if you like John Mayer. It is followed by Vampire Weekend at their cheesiest in “Winter”. After that they just keep on going with their Paul Simon-like African rhythms and intricate guitar patterns but the material has the emotional depth of a 12-year-old’s diary entries and doesn’t convince for a single second. It does succeed in annoying the shit out of me though!
Score: 4 out of 10

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