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Duff McKagan’s Loaded – Sick

It took Axl Rose a long, long time to finally get the new Guns N Roses album out there and in that time all the other real Guns N Roses members had long since moved on to other projects, the most known of which is Velvet Revolver. Now that that band has come to a screeching halt, Duff McKagan finally has some more time for his own pet project, Loaded. Which is funny because McKagan is a former alcoholic. He’s been working with this band whenever he could since 1999 and with more free time on his hands, he got round to cutting another full-length called “Sick”.

Five of the thirteen songs on here have already been released earlier on the “Waster Heart” EP which is a little bit lame if you ask me but come on, let’s cut the guy a break. Because what we get to hear on “Sick” is just fun hardrock with a punky edge. You’d swear Slash helped out with some of the solos on this album and – perhaps surprisingly – McKagan is a more than decent vocalist. Don’t expect anything too special, just a fine rock album to blast through your speakers without thinking twice about it.
Score: 7 out of 10

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