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Tiny Animals – Sweet Sweetness

Tiny Animals call New York home and according to their website are planning on giving the world some of the best rock songs ever written. While they are not quite there yet, they have released a solid album with “Sweet Sweetness”. It’s not hard to figure out that an album called “Sweet Sweetness” by a band named Tiny Animals isn’t exactly death metal material. No, these guys and one girl write pop songs wrapped in a rock blanket and they do it well.

On “Useless” they sound like Jimmy Eat World whereas “All The Way Down” reminded me a lot of the hugely underrated Helicopter Helicopter. They have a knack for writing solid melodies and along with the distorted guitars and the great vocal harmonies of Chris Howerton and his sister Rita May, there is not a whole lot wrong with this album. Okay, so they lyrics are a little cheesy but the music is way too catchy to make a fuss about that. And hell, who listens to pop music for the lyrics anyway? Three band members. Twelve songs. One fun album. Don’t need more than that!
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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