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Channel Zero – Feed ‘Em With A Brick

Fifteen years after “Black Fuel” and hot on the heels of their successful reunion shows in Brussels, Channel Zero is back with a new album. Without guitarist Xavier Carion but with Snot/Soulfly’s Mikey Doling doing his thing with six strings and with Machine Head’s Logan Mader fiddling behind the knobs.

“Feed ‘Em With A Brick” is more rocking and groovy than what we were used to from these guys and with less hooks. Modern thrash metal if you will with balls. The cheesy lyrics are something that you simply have to put up with. But overall this is a pretty straightforward metal album, the likes of which don’t get released often in Belgium. Is that a reason to go nuts over “Feed ‘Em With A Brick”? Hardly. While the material on here is consistent as hell and pretty solid throughout, it isn’t exactly very original and there’s too little variation to keep things truly engaging throughout the album’s entire duration.
Score: 7 out of 10

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