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The Pigeon Detectives – Up, Guards And At ‘Em!

The Pigeon Detectives are back with album number three, “Up, Guards And At ‘Em!”. You might expect a bunch of barnburners with a title like that, but compared to “Emergency” the Detectives have slowed down. Which is a shame.

Opener “She Wants Me” does not exactly sound very promising either with its drum loop and processed vocals. But then things switch back to normal sounding drums and guitars and it’s back to business as usual. Normal makes them sound like Kaiser Chiefs or The Strokes but not as good.

As you work your way down the tracklisting, the songs all start to sound alike and things don’t get truly engaging anywhere. The good thing about “Emergency” was the band’s boundless energy, something that has largely disappeared here. It makes “Up, Guards And At ‘Em!” a rather unremarkable album in a scene that is crowded with bands who all sound alike.
Score: 5 out of 10

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