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Small Brown Bike – Fell & Found

Small Brown Bike is one of those bands that I just missed out on when I got into this kinda music. What a waste! These guys wrote post-hardcore anthems the way they are supposed to sound, before it evolved into the dribble that it has become. When they first played a reunion show to benefit a friend who was battling leukemia , it became obvious people were still gushing over them. Things picked up from there, resulting in the two “Composite” 7 inches in 2009 and 2010. And now there’s the first new full-length since 2003’s “The River Bed”.

Is it worth listening to? Fuck yeah! Obviously the band members have matured over the years but the subtle guitar melodies, the sweet lyrics and the rocking out are still very much present. With the help of producer J Robbins, they managed to bring out the best in themselves, allowing for the listener to discover new layers with every new listen.

New bands are advised not to listen to songs like “Sleep River Sleep” or “Just Bones” or will run the risk of being extremely discouraged. Everybody else should pick up a copy of “Fell & Found”.
Score: 8 out of 10

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