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Sharks – The Joys Of Living

People in the music industry are always looking for the next big thing. So when one band makes it to the big time, record labels immediately send out representatives to scour the earth and hunt down another band that sounds alike so they can profit from the abovementioned band’s success. Rise Records is one of the labels that does pretty much nothing else.

So when The Gaslight Anthem blew up, the people in charge told their A&R reps to not come back before they had found the label’s very own version. Said reps were forced to travel all the way to the UK which is where they found Sharks, a band that mixes up The Gaslight Anthem’s sound with a bit of The Clash and the Buzzcocks. The result is actually pretty damn solid if you ask me and definitely the best thing Rise Records has released in quite some time.

“The Joys Of Living” is not a new album but rather a collection of the band’s first two EPs along with two new songs. Curious to see what they’ll come up with next? Well, that makes two of us. Even though I have to say that the two new songs (“Sweet Harness” and “The Joys Of Living”) are the weakest offerings on here.
Score: 7 out of 10

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