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Lemuria - Pebble

by Christophe

Really, I'm not sure what to make of this... At certain moments, I think I really love Lemuria. Some songs make me think about times when I was young, careless, and yet depressed and full of teen angst, and listening to cutesy grungy bands like Elastica. Or at a later time in life, when I was a little older, but no longer careless and still depressed and listening to cutesy punkrock bands like Discount. So yeah, Lemuria has some good things going for 'em. Especially listening to a pretty cool song like "Pleaser" or "The One".

But then they suddenly start to bore the hell out of me with a couple of rather uninteresting songs. And there's a certain depth missing, both in vocals and music.

And halfway through the album, there's something like "Ribcage", which really shouldn't have made this album, or any other album for that matter.

So, to be honest, this album is not half bad, but it's not exactly half good either.
Score: 5 out of 10

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