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A Death in the Family- This Microscopic War

- by Christophe

There's more to Australia than AC/DC, Kylie Minogue or Parkway Drive. Yes, actually, Australia has a pretty big music scene with quite some notable artists.

Strangely though, there aren't that many good punk rock bands. At least, not that we Euro-trash know of. But that seems to change.

After reviewing the pretty solid effort put out by Grim Fandango, I got in total Aussie-vibe and put on "This Microscopic War", by Melbourne's A Death in the Family.

It was produced by Frankie Stubbs from legendary UK punks Leatherface. And it shows. Or, well, at least you can hear it. There is some Leatherface-ness on this record. Add Hot Water Music and Samiam, and an excellent production and tinges of alternative rock on top of the punk, and the outcome is a very good album.
Score: 7,5 out of 10

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