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Kill The Young - Thicker Than Water

- by Jan

This is the third album of three brothers from Manchester. You’d expect a poppy, indie record after reading this first sentence, right? That’s exactly what Thicker Than Water is, but there’s a twist. Apart from the inescapable influence of Madchester bands of the seventies and eighties, the band also seems to draw quite some inspiration from early 90’s grunge bands.

I don’t know if it’s more how Nirvana would have sounded, had they lived in Manchester circa 1980 or the sound of Joy Division in Seattle a decade later.

If it’s up to me, indie hipsters will quickly denounce Kill The Young, because these guys have a ton of potential to win over a large audience. A band that doesn’t just use a sample of something that sounds very Red Army Choir-esque, but actually incorporates it into their song (aptly titled Revolution) deserves quite some credit in my humble opinion. Keep an eye out for these guys.
Score: 8,5 out of 10

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