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Otep - Atavist

- by Thomas

Back when nu metal was a big thing, there was this one band who tried to be different. Fronted by a woman who calls herself Otep Shamaya they indulged in ultra-heavy riffage and poetic yet socially aware lyrics. They didn’t make much of an impression on me back then and their subsequent albums never gave me a reason to change my opinion.

Seeing as she’s now surrounded by an entirely new band, the previous guys didn’t see things go anywhere either and called it a day. They were the smart ones because there’s nothing good to be found on “Atavist”. Unless you’re looking for Xerox copies of Pantera riffs and still the same inane lyrics shouted by a very distorted voice.

They do try very hard to come across as something more, something deeper but seem to forget that you have to write decent songs these days to even be noticed.
Score: 2 out of 10

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