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Gorillaz – The Fall

- by Thomas

When I’m on the move I do listen to music but most of the time I’m just looking at other people. Mostly those of the opposite sex. When Gorillaz are on the move, they put their iPads next to one another and record a new album. The result is “The Fall”, an album recorded on the “Plastic Beach” tour in the fall of 2010 during a 32-day stretch through North America.

It shows in the song titles (“Phoner To Arizona”, “Detroit”, “The Snake In Dallas”) and in a track like "The Parish of Space Dust" where they mix dub with a sample from some country radio station. They don’t open a can of guest vocalists this time around, just a little Bobby Womack alongside Delta blues guitars in “Bobby In Phoenix”. So yeah, this is not your typical Gorillaz album with cutesey songs like “Clint Eastwood”.

“The Fall” turned out to be more of an experiment that got out of hand, but the result actually isn’t half bad. Although some of the material on here does feel more like a blueprint for a song rather than like an actual song. So while it isn’t the best Gorillaz album out there, it’s entitled to its place in the band’s discography.
Score: 6.5 out of 10

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