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Jonathan Inc. – Lost:Time

- by Thomas

Apparently this Canadian foursome spent a couple of years writing and recording “Lost:Time” and while it didn’t turn out to be a timeless classic (like “Chinese Democracy”… haha), it’s definitely a charming album. If you’re looking for some sparkling indiepop, you’ll be happy to listen to songs like “Impatient”, “Astronauts” or “Best Bets”. They trickle along gently with nicely stacked layers of guitar and a keen sense of melody. The vocals by Jonathan Anderson nestle themselves gently in those layers and the drums are just pronounced enough to help advance the songs a the right pace.

Jonathan Inc. doesn’t rock out with their cocks out, but they did release an atmospheric indie album that is pleasant enough to sit through more than once.
Score: 7 out of 10

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