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10 Years – Minus The Machine

Never heard about these guys but apparently “Minus The Machine” is already the band’s sixth album and having started out in 1999, they’ve already outlived their own name.

The new album starts out with the title track and comes with a distinct Chevelle vibe and after that they sound like a POD clone on “Battle Lust”. Yup, apparently 10 Years is another one of those bands that still like to dabble in what people refer to as alternative metal. The kind of music that only still exists in the US. Think Puddle Of Mudd, Staind or any other band that comes with a misspelled name. And while they’re not even doing a bad job in that genre, I seriously doubt anyone is still waiting for an album like “Minus The Machine”.
Score: 5 out of 10
Palehorse / ILG

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