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The Heavy – The Glorious Dead

It’s weird that The Heavy aren’t any bigger than they are right now. They’ve been known as the next big thing since 2007 and one of their previous singles has even been used in the season finale of Entourage but still things aren’t quite happening for this UK outfit.

I’m not sure why that is because “The Glorious Dead” is a damn fine album that is filled with a catchy mix of soul, funk and rock. Opening track “Can’t Play Dead” is a soulful zombierocker, “Curse Me Good” is a more mellow tune that would make for a great single and the actual first single “What Makes A Good Man?” can easily stand right next to the best of the Black Keys. And while we’re namedropping the Black Keys,  check out “Same Ol’” as well which is another blues stomper.

These guys have the ‘stick to vintage but keep it contemporary’ sound down pat and the result is an impressive album. Here’s to hoping they finally get some more recognition!
Score: 8.5 out of 10

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