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Sacri Cuori – Rosario

Apparently spaghetti westerns never really went away… well, maybe the movies did but people are still writing soundtracks to them. Take Sacri Cuori for an example, an Italian band who just released “Rosario”, which is basically a soundtrack to a movie that never got made. Better get ready for lots of mental pictures of tumbleweeds dueling in the street, horses entering the saloon and cowboys galloping off into the sunset. Well, something like that anyway. Then throw in some femmes fatales in a smoky bar (“Out Of Grace”) and a couple of rock n roll instrumentals (“I Ee-Show”) and you’re there!

With the help of Jim Keltner (Bob Dylan, Stones, Beatles), David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Isobel Campbell, Calexico’s Joey Convertino and a bunch of others, they’ve brought the desert to Italy in songs like “Garrett, West” and “Sundown, Rosa” and did a damn good job of it. Think Calexico, Ry Cooder and Tindersticks.
Score: 7 out of 10

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