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Handsome Foxes – Don’t Care

Handsome Foxes is a new band out of Raleigh, NC with members from The Ethnographers among its ranks. On this 5-song EP they churn out this mix of hardcore, punk and indie that is pretty damn infectious. Opener “City Of Oaks” is a one-minute introduction that pretty much says it all. There’s a good beat, plenty of melody and the way the clean and more gruff vocals go together works wonders for Handsome Foxes.

Unfortunately they make it clear that they “Don’t Care” because the quality of the recordings is poor at best.But that’s something that can be easily fixed on a next release which will no doubt blow us away seeing as there’s plenty of talent to go round in this band. For now though you can head over to their bandcamp page and download this one for free if you are into the likes of Balance And Composure and Tigers Jaw!
Score: 7 out of 10

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