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La Armada – La Armada

When I still lived at home my mom used to ask me why the singers always had to scream whenever I was listening to a hardcore album. I don’t  think she ever really got it. La Armada is another band with a singer that screams and who is probably angry about something. What that is I couldn’t tell you because the lyrics are all in Spanish and all I remember from Spanish class is ‘me llamo Thomas’.

Thanks to the lyrics sheet I was able to figure out that they’re angry about pretty much everything that has to do with capitalism. I’m not sure if it’s lost in the translation or not but the lyrics are so serious that they become laughable at times. Luckily their hardcore with additional metallic crunch is easier to enjoy even if it’s somewhat repetitious.

All in all this self-titled album is fun enough to listen to for a couple of songs but unless the cure for cancer is hidden somewhere in the lyrics, I’m not sure if this one will cause a lot of waves.
Score: 6 out of 10

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