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Joshua Radin – Underwater

Four years after “Simple Times” Joshua Radin is back with a new album. “Underwater” is an equally solid release with a dozen new songs in which Radin once again gets to show off his songwriting skills.

With his stripped sound and subdued yet warm voice that’s barely more than a whisper at times, he will charm the hell out of you. Opener “Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better” is a fine example of what’s to come but ”Anywhere Your Love Goes” is just as good. The addition of a subtle string arrangement actually makes it even better. And the highlights just keep on coming from there… there’s not a single song on here that feels like filler or that stands out in a negative way.

If you’re looking for another mellow singer-songwriters mellow, this is the guy. Think early Josh Ritter or Jack Johnson… whose names also start with a J. Coincidence? Think about it…
Score: 8 out of 10

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