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Krakow – Diin

From Bergen, Norway comes Krakow, a post-metal outfit that combines a doomy Neurosis vibe with the sludge groove of Mastodon. The result is called “Diin” and while it won’t exactly make you a happy camper, it exudes a kind of bleak beauty that is pretty badass.

Armed with a rhythm section that keeps plodding along over repetitive riffage and eerily detached vocals, they will only slow down for the odd ambient passage to score even more points in the creepy factor. It’s like listening to a bunch of stoners trying their hand at death metal only to end up with these tripped out sludge fests that will sneak up on you before closing their hands around your throat. Not the kind of blunt force trauma a death metal band will hand out but hey, being strangled slowly will make you end up equally dead as a shotgun blast to the face.
Score: 8 out of 10

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