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Useless ID – The Lost Broken Bones

I always have and always will be a complete sucker for well-played poppunk and the guys in Useless ID know exactly how to write a catchy yet hard-hitting song which they have proven once again on their latest album.

After three enjoyable releases on Kung Fu which were followed by a couple of quiet years, the poppunkers from Israel are back with a brand new album. “The Lost Broken Bones” sees them taking a slightly darker route both lyrically and musically. And the production job by Jason Livermore and Bill Stevenson added that extra punch which is always welcome. It all works rather well for them.

Other than that things haven’t really changed a lot…. There’s still tons of melodic guitars and galloping rhythms to wade through. Think of that signature Fat Wreck sound a la No Use For A Name and you’ll know what to expect with “Killing A Ghost” and “Blood Pressure” as my personal favorites.

With Kung Fu taking it easy for a while, “The Lost Broken Bones” is out on Suburban Home in the States while Rude Records is taking care of it in Europe.
Score: 7.5 out of 10

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